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The clock is ticking. Recruiting top provider talent is becoming more competitve every day. If you are not using every resource and every technological advantage to stay in the race, you are going to lose—and so will the community who depends on you.

Recruiting is a complex process. Partnering with The Hire Connection is the first step toward accomplishing your provider goals.

The HIRE Connection Partnership—

  • Permanent Placement—Physician, Advanced Practitioner & Dentist—Guaranteed

  • Industry-Best Recruitment Services—NO Added Cost for Multi-faceted Advertising

  • Compare and Save Thousands on Recruiting


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We would like to learn more about your recruitment goals and share how The HIRE Connection can have a positive impact on placement and retention of key providers at your facility. Call 866.661.4473 to schedule a free consultation.


Shared Risk

Simply stated, if we don’t fill your search in 12 months or less we refund 1/2 of your professional fees. 

We believe when both parties have skin in the game, there is an obligation to work in concert to create an environment of success. 

Why risk $40-60k on a firm who makes no promises to fill your search?

We believe Traditional Retained firms WANT to fill your search.  Because we guarantee your Professional Fees, we HAVE to fill your search.


Proprietary Platform

The Hire Connection has been on the leading edge of the sourcing technology since 2009. There are 4 components to the recruiting process—sourcing, screening, presenting, and closing. Sourcing is the heavy lifting to all recruiting. There is no candidate screening, presenting the opportunity, or certainly no closing if you don’t have someone to speak with.

The Hire Connection owns more data than any other recruiting firm in the industry. Because of this reality, we can promote your opportunity utilizing our proprietary technology—and most importantly we are able to track candidates’ interest and engage with the candidate more quickly than anyone in the industry.

We embrace many other sourcing tools including, but not limited to, job boards, cold-calling, e-blasting, social media, and many other vehicles to further promote your opportunity.

To give you a feel for how much data we own, there are just over 107k Family Practitioners practicing medicine in the US currently.  We have over 50k email addresses just on FP’s. That’s just one specialty. We own more IM’s than we do FP’s.


Less Expensive

We believe all cards should be on the table when you engage a recruiting firm. We know you have a fiduciary responsibility to your organization to know exactly what you are going to spend and what you will receive with your investment.

The Hire Connection takes your investment seriously—partly because of our Money-back Guarantee, but more importantly because we want your organization to be successful. 

Reduce your exposure—the cost of being short-staffed in providers is costing you thousands each month.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

CEO of 30 bed not-for-profit community hospital—

“I like that you are from the Midwest, and I get a different kind of feeling than other firms were giving me. I guess it was just a great vibe and I was sold on it”.

“Our recruiter was great every step of the way. She is very knowledgeable and kept me so informed throughout the process. I was also very impressed with her communication.”

Critical Access Hospital, Client Contact, Juanita—

“We are a very remote location with population of 2,200 and we can’t get candidates to look at our area. My recruiter has been great, and we are so excited about the number of quality providers that The Hire Connection has presented to us.”

FQHC Facility, Engaged The Hire Connection because we customize to the needs of our clients and they wanted a provider fluent in Spanish. Client Contact Vanessa—

“my recruiter was always available when I needed him….communication was great…and ultimately we love Dr. Jones to death. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Below are samples of what we provide every partner—only a fraction of what we do on clients’ behalf.

Follow links to view samples of our opportunity landing pages and youtube videos.

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Urology Practice 0436

  • Annual Salary 75th Percentile of MGMA Standards—Reach Top Tier Annual Earnings
  • Fantastic Draw of 40,000, Serving 3 Counties—Impressive Referral System
  • Non-Existent Call Schedule for an Outstanding Quality of Life
  • More…click Urology Practice 0436

Family Practice Practice 0442

  • Excellent Pay and Benefits Package
  • 4-Day Clinical Workweek—More Time for You and Your Family
  • Light and Relaxed Call Schedule for a Fantastic Quality of Life
  • Ancillary Income Available Through After Hours ER Coverage and Patient Hospital Admittance
  • More…click Family Practice 0442

Family Practice 0451

  • $200,000 Bonus Paid at Signing
  • Competitive Salary+Production Bonus+Retention Bonus=$250K+ Annually
  • Limited Call Schedule—Awesome Life Balance
  • More…click Family Practice 0451


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