Physician Placement Testimonials

/Physician Placement Testimonials

What physicians are saying about their recruiting experience with The Hire Connection

Dr. Larry Zabeda, Family Practice

I really felt like Kira listened to me and did her best to present opportunities that were a good fit with what I was seeking.” - Dr. Larry Zabeda, Family Practice

Dr. Larry Zabeda, Family Practice2015-03-02T18:28:42-06:00

Dr. Mia Lazeer, Internal Medicine

I was focused on a specific part of the country because of family ties and Rob was able to really understand what I was seeking and ultimately found the opportunity I was looking for.  I start this next summer and I am so excited.  Thanks, THC.” - Dr. Mia Lazeer, Internal Medicine

Dr. Mia Lazeer, Internal Medicine2015-03-02T18:28:07-06:00

Dr. Ray Jenske, ORS

I have worked with a lot of recruiters over the years both to help me recruit physicians for my practice and to help me find an opportunity. I have never worked with anyone with the level of professionalism that I found with The Hire Connection.” - Dr. Ray Jenske, ORS

Dr. Ray Jenske, ORS2015-03-02T18:31:06-06:00

Richard Morris, Nurse Practitioner

Wow, THC was really a breath of fresh air. Most times you talk to recruiters and you feel like you are talking to a smooth talking car salesman but Rob was delightful to visit with and I could tell he takes his job very seriously.” - Richard Morris, Nurse Practitioner

Richard Morris, Nurse Practitioner2015-03-02T18:29:14-06:00

Dr. Jesse Freemont, Internal Medicine

I was coming out of a really heartbreaking business divorce with my partners and really needed some help getting through this.  THC spent a lot of time on the front end visiting with me about what ultimately I was looking for.  And they secured it for me.  Thanks THC." - Dr. Jesse Freemont, Internal Medicine

Dr. Jesse Freemont, Internal Medicine2015-03-02T18:26:58-06:00

Dr. Jazel, Family Practice

Not being from this country and only really knowing one part of it geographically can be a bit limiting.  My recruiter was really able to introduce me to some opportunities in the upper Midwest that I would have never considered.  He really took the time to explain every detail to me about the location and [...]

Dr. Jazel, Family Practice2015-03-02T18:29:52-06:00

Myra Lampkin, Physician Assistant

"I worked with THC throughout the process and it was completely painless. I had always been warned to stay from recruiting firms but this experience has certainly changed my mind." - Myra Lampkin, Physician Assistant

Myra Lampkin, Physician Assistant2015-03-02T18:30:22-06:00

Dr. Mary Jameson

I am not exaggerating when I tell you I was getting 15 calls a day from recruiters.  Kira and I really connected and I believe because of her attention to detail, she was able to make the right fit.” - Dr. Mary Jameson

Dr. Mary Jameson2015-03-02T18:26:15-06:00

Dr. Kamonapali, CTS

I loved working with these guys. They represented this opportunity dead on. I can’t wait to get to work and start my professional career.” -Dr. Kamonapali, CTS

Dr. Kamonapali, CTS2012-03-05T17:09:08-06:00