The Hire Connection Redoubles Commitment

NEWS: The Hire Connection (THC) doubles it Commitment to Healthcare Providers Facing Deepening Staffing Crisis _______________ Columbia, MO. —“The Hire Connection is redoubling its commitment and efforts to assist healthcare providers facing countless challenges raised by the deepening of America's crisis in healthcare staffing,” Van Allen, CEO of The Hire Connection, said today. "Nearly all [...]

Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue

Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue: The “Three Rs” of Successful Group Practice Management As the physician shortage continues, successful retention and recruitment is more important than ever to maintain maximum potential revenue generation. First, make every reasonable effort to keep quality physicians on staff: you know the devil that you have, and you don’t know the [...]

Snail Mail, slow and steady

Snail Mail is not Dead The Internet was asked to speak at Snail Mails funeral recently. Below is a short excerpt from the Eulogy. “My dear friend Snail Mail asked me to speak at his funeral, and although I get really choked up when I see my old buddy like this, [...]